Our People

We believe strongly in teamwork and interdisciplinary, where there is a multiplicity of ideas.


Basically because knowledge is shared and the adequate solutions to the challenges we are presented can only be addressed if we adopt a global approach.

As human beings, we live and take decisions which affect society. At Vanguard Tech our objective is the same: live and take decisions which benefit our clients, help us to work appropriately and provide high-quality services.

This is why we value the aspects and technical knowledge of each profile, but we also appreciate interpersonal skills. We encourage self-confidence for making decisions, initiative and creativity, in order to reach the objectives of our projects.

We constitute a team of several qualified profiles:

  • Project managers
  • Project leaders
  • Team leaders
  • Software architects
  • Developers
  • Functional analysts
  • Graphic designers


Synergy comes naturally. We establish fluent and open communication among the different areas of the company, including management.


Join our team! Send us your CV to: info@vanguardtechcorp.com